3 Questions & A Moment To Reflect: Natia

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Natia. 35. New York, Ny

1. In a few sentences or less, please describe what you look for in a mate. Start at initial attraction & go from there.

“These days I have become convinced that I am “A” sexual….lol.  I have never really got caught up in a type although I do have my fetishes and desires. I like a fairly clean cut guy just a little rough around the edges or can clean up well. I have this weird thing about teeth and I really like tall guys, like 6 footers, it’s a cute story why. I like a man that can make me laugh and speak directly and candidly. I like a dude with balance, I guess they are still called renaissance men. I must be able to take you from a five course meal to a back yard hood bbq and not worry about you being able to function in both. I enjoy the conversation of an educated man, doesn’t necessarily have to be from an institution of higher learning, but you can’t be talking out yo ass either.”

2. What are your current dating goals? What are you looking for?
“I am not in the mood for dating, being new to the city I am really trying to stay focused and on my grind. I tried briefly but was quickly reminded that I don’t have the patience for foolery or time to entertain a concept that is designed to seek out people for a long term agreement…lol. I mean if I meet somebody cool, if not I promise not to lose any sleep. Right now my time is very very valuable and its not too much worth wasting it on.”
3. Why do you think you are currently single?
“I think I am single because I can be a lot to deal with sometimes. I have been told I am intimidating, whatever in the hell that means and I really haven’t been that interested in anybody to want to slap those labels on, ya know. I have liked a few people but not enough and vice versa. I also think that being chubby can create a smaller pool of necks turning. I feel I have much more than a waistline to offer so I quickly dismiss that idea, but I will never exclude it as a potential factor.. it’s just truth. I think my father ruined me and because not only did he teach me to be what I need to be for me, but he taught me game and bull shit. So essentially I don’t care to deal with or want to  tolerate a lot of the ups and downs that being in a relationship could potentially include and kind of hang loose. And being single as long as I have, I have learned to enjoy time with myself. Some of my best times have been when it was just me. So I can say I am single for a lot of reasons, but who knows really. Maybe this is my fate and I have learned to be ok with that if that be the case because luckily I have a host of friends and family and some amazing siblings to lean on for companionship.”
Thank you Natia.

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