Brunch and New Boo’s…

Luckily that's not just Orange Juice in those glasses...

Luckily that’s not just Orange Juice in those glasses…

Yes, I’ll admit. I’m a Brunch Fanatic. I mean what is better than “Breakfast Food” and Unlimited Mimosas?

Let’s see —> Breakfast Food, Unlimited Mimosas and a Sexy Something sitting across from you at the table! lol

But seriously, all “lol’s” aside. Bringing a prospective boo to brunch is a great idea to me. Honestly, if it’s a Sunday then throw in church beforehand and you can see if you have a heathen on your hands or just a part-time heathen.

Brunch is perfect because the meal is light, so no “Itis” worries. In addition, Brunch typically has a timeframe… between 11 am & 4 pm. Sooooo, if the date is kinda wack then you always know that it’ll be over soon. On the other-hand, if it’s going great… then it ends early enough for you to add another event to your date. I suggest a live music venue but that’s for another post.

Finally, Brunch is perfect because of the bottomless drinks! Mimosas. Sangrias. Bloody Mary’s. Margaritas. I mean, at the very least, if your date sucks then you can leave with a good buzz & the rest of your Saturday or Sunday to do something different and forget all about it.

I know right! You can thank me later.


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