Dear Single Men: If You’re Not Being CLEAR About Your Intentions You’re Doing It Wrong 2


Listen guys.. I get it! When taking an honest reflection of modern dating rituals I can sympathize with some of what you guys go through when it comes to women. Now I don’t claim to be “one of the guys”. Nor do I claim to know what you’re thinking or speak on your behalf.

But what I am claiming is that I have tried my best to view a few situations from what I FEEL to be your perspective… and then I formed an opinion.

The topic at hand: Women and their expectations.

Lord have mercy! A woman will meet a guy at an event, exchange numbers with him and after ONE date start expecting marriage and a baby from the man! Now, don’t get me wrong… expectations within reason are healthy.

I said within reason.

So guys… do the world and women everywhere a favor and be as candid as possible with your dating intentions. If you meet a woman and you know in your heart that a relationship is as far off your radar as a wedding is, then tell her!

Yes she’ll probably get offended. Yes she’ll probably have an attitude. And yes she may even curse you all the way out. But guess what… you told her. And most of the time the woman who reacts that way is a disappointed woman (although she probably doesn’t know how to channel that disappointment properly)… and if she’s disappointed it’s because she wanted something different.

So never withhold your intentions out of fear of experiencing any of the reactions above because guess what… if she wants a relationship and you do not SHE’S NOT THE WOMAN FOR YOU. And that is something you need to find out as soon as possible!

Regardless of how fine she is, pretty, funny, intelligent, driven… how huge her butt is or whatever… she’s not the woman for you bruh!

And that’s where you guys mess up because you try to continue so that you can get what you can get from the woman and THEN cut her off. But all that’s going to eventually get you is a crazy woman who is going to cut yo a**! lol

So take a sistas advice whose been here before. Tell her you’re not looking for anything and let her deal with that information. If she says she’s cool with it then move forward with her.

BUT move forward with caution… cuz us women can be bipolar at times. Now with that being said. .. Good luck guys!

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