Does The “Sexual Past” Of The People You Date Matter To You? 1

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What can you handle about your partner’s sexual past? Would you ever want to know how many people they’ve slept with? If so, what happens if they say a number you’re uncomfortable with?

In addition. .. I feel that it’s okay for men to sow their wild oats… even healthy in some cases, BUT it’s irresponsible to think that women are just waiting for them with purity intact. If you’re creating these sexual experiences then who are you doing so with if women aren’t supposed to have the same type of encounters?


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One thought on “Does The “Sexual Past” Of The People You Date Matter To You?

  • Rachel

    I agree with you! Its like our minds be one in the same! Lol Anywhoo, I feel that telling your body count should NOT be spoken about , ONLY because of the way our society preceives it. Femalea are suppoae to be “pure” and freaky” at the same time(even though its lind of an oxymoron). Guys are glorified for having a hogh body count,women are precwived as sluts. I feel women shouldnt be ashamed of their body count ,but because of the harsh cruelty backlash women received for having a hogh body count, I feel its better to keep it to yourself. Also,people make judgment calls based on your body count…if you have too little (especially for men) then you are not.experienced and “cant” handle the women. But if you have tooany,then its like your loose with it. It doesnt matter how comfortable I am with my body count, poeple are going to stigmatize me either way. I just had a conversation with someone recently who told me that she askes for a mans body count to see if hes clean down there or if she should be worried. That statment right there is one of the reasons why body count.should not be told. She already has this idea in her head that somebody with a high body count has a disease. You can get a diaease the first time,things like that are myths, even still,thats her belief. To be honest,thats how alot of western culture tends to think. It is sad too. But I think body count should never be told,to me its up there like asking me (a lady) her weight YOU JUST DONT DO IT! ??