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Why? Why would a man cheat on a good woman? Why do men… Good men, cheat on good women?

There are plethora of reasons why people cheat… simply because everyone is different.  They have different morals, perspectives, vices, and a different understanding of things. BUT let me try to help a few people grasp how this happens or could happen.

Reason 1:

First, just because you perceived yourself as a good woman does not make you one. Cooking, cleaning and sex are by-products of a good woman. So now that that’s out the way let’s begin.

Some women tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and that is understandable. Women do this a lot.  But, in the same breath, women tend to also ask men to deal with a lot. The longer this goes on men begin to feel, act, and operate like machines. So a new woman allows that man to be free of it all. Open.

And it’s not always sexual… it rarely is. So at the end of the day a woman should appreciate her man, even if he’s not doing everything right.

Reason 2:

Next, sexually women grow tired. So do men. Sometimes women have issues that cause this.  Weight, medical, mental, etc are all legitimate reasons and all of those reasons effect sexuality between partners. Now add that on top of the day to day demands of life AND the way sex is presented to men in these scenarios. Examples like a woman saying “I’m fat” effects attraction.

After a man hears this for so long and being rejected due to perception on top of all other reasons, leads a man to get his needs met outside of the relationship. The other woman is now mainly a source of sexual fulfillment.

But we all know that sex normally comes with more emotions.

Reason 3:

Last, another reason a man may cheat on a good woman is because the things he fell in love with about her are no longer her priorities. .. And as we grow in life and move forward in life sucking dick at 4 am may not be on her Top 5 list of things to do. But the fact that she used to care enough to pleasure him at any time in the past helped her gain his heart.

5 years later and he may have to practically schedule kisses now. Or the late night conversations they used to bond from she’s now snoring through because of how tired she is from running a household etc.

So the importance of doing old things and finding new things to do with your partner is a must. Because if not… then the new woman will be the one fucking and sucking at all times, on call, and doing everything the good woman has begun to not care about or do anymore.

Now these do not represent every reason why men cheat on good women. It’s hard to even blanket all the possibilities under these 3 reasons.

Besides, men make these same mistakes and women cheat for various or similar reasons. And we can’t exclude the women that scream for praise undeservingly or the men who slack or lack on their part.

Regardless, it goes without saying that cheating is always an option and a choice and the reasons I talked about is NOT to make cheating seem okay. It’s just that maybe my perspective can direct someone back on path or away from a path….

As human beings we have a strong desire to protect oneself. One’s heart, mind, and soul. So as foolish as we are as men… or humans (cause women do this as well)… we try to ease the pain before we even feel the pain.

As a result, men will have a good/great or even a shitty woman that they think could cheat or is cheating on them so they hurt before they can get hurt.

Or they cheat so they can say “Well I wasn’t the fool, I cheated first or too!” The problem is that most times they didn’t really wanna cheat… so it meant nothing.

BUT when a woman cheats (in a man’s eyes) she meant to do it and it means everything. Now they are hurt.

Then some men try to use the fact that they had all these women that they cared nothing about to mask the pain of losing the one they were forced to leave and/or really cared about.

One way to prevent this is to make sure your man or woman is secure in every way… even when they say they don’t need the reassurance. Everyone is insecure about something.  The fact is that we cannot read each other’s minds or be with someone 100% of time. Your partner should never feel insecure about you or their relationship with you.

But then again… Insecure relationships is a whole ‘nother topic.


Greg C. 30. Beaumont, Tx.

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