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Does planning matter when dating? Or am I just that anal and obsessive compulsive?

Mr. Nice guy tells me that we are going to the movies on Friday. Cool! I would not be getting off until 6pm. I informed him that I would go straight home and get dressed. I never took into account that he had not told me a time,but I blew it over.

Friday comes and 6:00pm also comes. I go straight home and began to get ready. I was ready by 7:00pm. 7:30 comes and goes and 8:00pm arrives. He arrives shortly after. He asks what time does the movie start.

Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh…I would love to meet someone who can actually plan something! Am I expecting too much? You asked me out. I did not know I was suppose to seek out this extra information.

Since I am pretty much dateless, I searched on my phone for movie show times. The next movie would start at 8:25pm. He speeds to the theatre. I questioned the importance of my life. He becomes aggravated. We arrive at the theatre and the movie is sold out. He looks at me and ask what did I want to do.

I really just wanted to go back home. Heck, I had to be at work bright and early Saturday morning. The thrill of a date was gone so I said it doesn’t matter. He said I’ll at least take you to dinner then. So to dinner we went. It was a quiet dinner but I guess he can try better than he can plan.

There is nothing wrong with planning. There is a time for spur of the moment and the non planning of events. However, if you ask someone out have some sort of plan.



Claire. 28. Houston, Texas


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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Time When He Set The Date But Failed To Plan It…

  • King Des

    First off the setup conversation wasn’t complete. A quick text to him could have changed that whole situation. Secondly he just didn’t think it all the way through. He probably thought you was going to say no but you didn’t so he ran with that. Finally he just a clown because if it’s a first day you want to make a good impression regardless if you know what’s playing or not.