Ladies: If You Want To Meet SUCCESSFUL Men Change Up Your Lunch Routine! 2


So as I typed that title I envisioned people reading it and thinking, “Wait, What!?”

Honestly that’s the reaction I was going for. And yes you read it correctly, successful men and your lunch time habits can be related… and I’ll tell you how.

So one day I was at home watching the Wendy Williams show. An audience member stood up and asked Wendy a question that many females can relate to. Her question was: “I’m having a hard time finding quality, successful men. How do I go about meeting the type of men that I desire.”

Of course, at this point my eyes were glued to the tv. lol

Wendy, whom I usually disagree with, gave an answer that made SO much sense to me that I started to give her credit as a decent source of advice.

She said (paraphrasing here) that a woman should always be in a position to meet someone. .. even at work or on her lunch break. She went on to say that if you continue to go to Chipotle & McDonald’s for lunch then don’t be surprised when you’re only meeting men of Chipotle and McDonald’s caliber. (Sorry fellas.. no shade to you or either restaurant so don’t shoot the messenger lol)

She advised single women to start doing things in the vacinity and spaces where the type of man you want frequents.

So if you want a successful, financially free man then you have to go where they exist.

She encouraged women to get dressed up in a nice, professionally sexy ensemble & go have lunch at a restaurant/lounge/steakhouse where these men go to have lunch or enjoy happy hour.

For the ladies in Nyc she recommended the financial district. .. which is where the investment bankers & financial heavy hitters are!

But if your idea of success isn’t just financial then find out what the type of man you desire enjoys. Figure out where he goes for lunch and leisure. And then be there! lol Looking incredibly sexy AND approachable, might I add.

Now the point isn’t to just seek out a man for his profession & financial status, but to allow yourself to encounter a different kind of man and dating experience.

For some women, dating a semi wealthy Alpha Male may show you that you prefer the simple guy with a simple, respectable 9-5 instead. Maybe the success of the Investment Banker means that yes, you’ll gain materialistically but you’ll also lose in emotional progression, true intimacy & quality time.

On the otherhand, you might enjoy that the successful man is so busy because it allows you the space you need to develop your own self and career. It can work both ways.

Ultimately, the point is that you’ll never know until you’re able to meet these types of men & test the dating waters. That requires you to go where they are!

I mean you wouldn’t go to a metal scrap yard or shady used car dealership to buy a brand new 2015 BMW. So why assume you’ll find a successful business man in places where they never or rarely go!

Think smart but Date smarter. That’s the motto baby Yolo! lol

Did this post hit home? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Ladies: If You Want To Meet SUCCESSFUL Men Change Up Your Lunch Routine!

  • outstandingbachelor

    One key here is to break the routine that has not yielded the results you want.

    One could also try shopping at a different market, here and there, or popping into a church you have never attended.

    Part of this is the mindset of being open to new things. Part is simply changing things up a bit.