Scored A Date? Take Them To “Groove” In The Village


“The Village” in Nyc is definitely one of my favorite places to frequent. It has a very cool visual appeal, bars are plentiful and it is just bursting with energy!

Residents and visitors of the village add the most character to this place and for all of those reasons I think everyone should schedule a date in this gem of a neighborhood.

In comes “Groove Bar”.. sitting right on the corner of Macdougal & East 3rd St.

It’s a bar in every sense but it also doubles as a live music venue!

I was lucky enough to stop in on a Thursday night and I must say that I am very happy that I chose that night. The band that performs on Thursdays was AMAZING! (I posted a few videos below. Check them out!)

They were incredibly talented and equally funny! They kept the crowd engaged & moving/singing along. So much that some folks and couples did a few impromptu dance routines on stage… straight from the crowd!

Why is this a great date spot?

1. They have a very good happy hour deal. From 5-8 pm drinks & appetizers are only $4. Can’t beat that!

2. The bar isn’t huge so it’s intimate enough to still feel like a date, but not like a forced “we have to have the epitome of chemistry to survive this date” type of space.

3. Speaking of chemistry, if your date is a freaking annoying nuisance OR the equally devastating version of watching paint dry then thank the band. They come in and save the day.. mainly because the fabulous tunes can be positively distracting.

Ultimately, I think it’s a fabulous date spot. And if consistent convo is your goal you can go to a quieter spot maybe next door or across the street and finish the date that way.

That’s the beauty of the village. You can have like 5 dates in one!

Venue Details:

125 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012
(212) 254-9393

Thursday Night Band:

Li’nards Man Moods

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