Since Hoes Are Being Housewife’d What Does That Leave For The Good Girls?


“Aww hell… she went there.”

Yes, I most certainly did! lol But I went there because I’m starting to observe a new trend that makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

Currently the score is:
Hoes = 1
The Rest of Us = 0

And somebody needs to answer for this because historically. .. the hoes were losing & the “Wifeable Women” were… well, becoming wives. And winning.

Not in 2014.

Now before I go any further I must give my personal definition of what a Hoe is.

Hoe: A male or female who has no inhibitions or discretion about when, where or with whom they have sexual encounters with.

I do believe “Emotional Hoes” also exist but I’ll leave that for another post, on another day. Let’s just talk about regular, “I get around” hoes for now.

To put it in the simplest terms…
Is Kim Kardashian a hoe? No
Karrine (Super Head) Stephans? Yes
*I only represent my own personal opinion*

So back to you men marrying these Super Head types… what’s up with that?

Men love to make these public declarations about how they want a classy woman that nobody has seen naked. They want Claire Huxtable and Michelle Obama types. They want wife material and professional, maternal women who go to church and wear cardigans.

Y’all say all if that and then #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) rolls around and you’re filling your Instagram timeline up with pictures of half naked women, bent over so far I can see her cervix.

Not to mention that when wedding season rolls around these FB wedding announcements have the majority of us looking like this…

Like… TF?!? I mean I ain’t no hater or nothing but some of these women wearing rings have VERY high body counts. Like astronomical. Like the Guiness Book of World Records.

But… who am I to judge?

I’m just curious though about what the Non-Hoes are supposed to do in this day and age?

If men are saying they want quality women, but they’re actually lying and marrying Super Thots then who the hell is the average woman supposed to marry?

That’s just like how men say they want a woman who won’t “give it up” quickly BUT then they turn around and criticize the women who make them wait.

Does that make any sense at all?

Or… and this one really kills me… when guys get the good woman… and then cheat on her with these random hoes!

Why do some men say that they want a woman who hasn’t gotten around much YET they impregnate and/or marry the total opposite?

Honestly, I think men genuinely would prefer the good girl (see I have high hopes for you guys) but… being highly sexual and visual creatures, some of them just can’t overcome their attraction to the “benefits” these hoes bring to the equation.

Of course this isn’t ALL men… and ALL hoes aren’t bad people. In fact, some of the sweetest people I’ve encountered were very active hoes… so hoe’ing isn’t always synonymous with bad character.

So maybe that’s what it is. Maybe these hoes are charitable philanthropists with good hearts that can cook and tell funny jokes.

Hell, IONO! lol

I don’t think many of us will ever understand either.

But if hoes have a manual somewhere with their secrets I would love to know where I can purchase one? Ya know, just for reference sake.

Because if ONE MORE hoe gets married before me I’m writing to Congress about this. I mean, there has to be some kind of law put in place for this. This is NOT the American way. ?

Did this post hit home? Let me know!