Dating is exhausting. At the same time it can be liberating and beautiful. The thing that typically separates the two varying experiences is maturity, timing, and a person’s options. The most important thing, however, that determines whether or not a dating situation will be sugar or sh*t is COMMUNICATION, […]

Women Speak: Turn Offs, Exes, Real Dates, Heartbreak, and Why ...

This has probably been a debate since the beginning of time. The million dollar question? Who is responsible for the check at the end of a date? Now I don’t claim to have the correct answer or to represent the opinions of all singles. .. so as a disclaimer don’t […]

Check Please! …Who Should Grab For It When It Arrives?

“The Village” in Nyc is definitely one of my favorite places to frequent. It has a very cool visual appeal, bars are plentiful and it is just bursting with energy! Residents and visitors of the village add the most character to this place and for all of those reasons I […]

Scored A Date? Take Them To “Groove” In The Village