That Moment When You Know There’s No Need For A Second Date 2


I’m sure I have readers of varying age groups and that’s awesome! (I dig all of you ?)

I have a feeling though that the vast majority of you are in the late 20’s, early 30’s group like myself. And with that being said, by now I feel like all of us are a lot more honest in dating than we were when we first started out on this treacherous journey to find a boo.

Soooo… nowadays we should totally NOT be wasting precious time trying to figure out chemistry and if we should further entertain anyone who displays actions, temperaments and personalities that fundamentally differ from what we desire or expect.

It’s just pointless really. .. I mean, if I’m being perfectly honest.

So about the date I went on last night. Now I must say, although I never use names or personally identifiable descriptions, I always pray that these guys don’t ever stumble across a post I’ve written about my encounter with them and try and beat me up or something. lol Or even kill me… you never know these days. Hopefully he doesn’t read blogs. ?

Anywho, so I met this guy… quite attractive, slightly older gentleman who stood 6’5. I can get jiggy with that.

He asked me out on a date and he did all of the things we cross our fingers and hope guys do on dates:

1. Confirm a date & time that works for you
2. Choose a location that is either equally beneficial or more in your favor geographically
3. Confirm again the day of (or the day before… your choice.) —> This guy did both
4. Show up on time or before you
5. Act all gentlemanly
6. Pay for the tab
7. Thank you for your time & make sure you get home safe

He did all of that so cheers to him. You go boy! ?

My only complaint though was that after sitting down to get the date started it didn’t take much time for me to realize that, personality-wise, this guy just didn’t do it for me.

I may sound crazy (and don’t none of y’all even try to say this is why I don’t have a man! lol) BUT… based off of that one little date I just couldn’t see a future with the man.

I mean it’s levels to this sh*t. And we can act like we don’t size up the men and women we date early on for “future reference” but I call BS on that. Unless of course you’re not dating with a purpose and you’re just dating to date. Then do you boo! No shade…

But the rest of us who don’t “got time for that” really and truly. … DON’T GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Now back in my college days I had the time to further entertain a man who didn’t really do it for me…
or make me laugh…
or knew where he wanted to be in 5 yrs… or chew with his mouth closed… Whatever!

But unless I’m in love with yo a** there’s no incentive to give you the benefit of a doubt. Not one. Too old. Next.

So back to this brotha from my date… he’s an older gentleman by some standards. .. he’s 35. But his demeanor y’all, it screamed 48. He just didn’t seem youthful enough for me at all. His sense of humor was lacking and that’s a deal breaker for me. Plus he gave off this controlling, Ike Turner vibe that didn’t sit well in my spirit.

Iono. (That’s I don’t know.. for you nonslang folks lol) For some reason he gave me that know it all, militant feeling and that’s a turn off to me.

Y’all remember that scene on “Look Who’s Talking” when the mom was going on dates trying to find a good mate and dad for Mikey and based on how they acted she pictured how they would treat her kid?

That was me last night! And I’ll be d*mned if I am stuck dating some lifeless, controlling, know it all who doesn’t joke around sometimes and doesn’t excite me. No offense brotha, if you ever read this.

But I don’t deserve that and neither do my future kids.

And who knows, maybe he was acting like that because I didn’t do it for him either! It would be irresponsible to think that someone couldn’t feel the same exact way about my a**!

Regardless tho, from now on ladies and gentlemen we have to “Let Go and Let God” when we encounter these people on dates that we know deep down inside it probably won’t work with.

Now I’m not saying cut off good prospects because you don’t like how they pronounce a word or because they are left handed and you don’t do left handed people.

I mean if that’s something you just can’t deal with then by all means handle ya business, but unless it’s a real deal breaker or unfavorable personality trait then we really don’t want to go around cutting folks off all willy nilly for insignificant reasons.

So to engage you guys I’d love to get in your business real quick!

Have you met or dated someone that showed you early on that it wouldn’t work and you were at that “Ain’t nobody got time for that” moment in life?

If so comment and let me know what went down & why you knew it was best to cut your losses! I’m really curious to hear what you guys have/are experiencing out there in this dating world!

Until next time, Ciao! ?

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