Group Trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

Hello everyone!

If you’re as tired of the cold weather in New York as I am then a quick trip to the Dominican Republic in April sounds like the perfect escape. Right?

We’ll spend 5 days and 4 nights in the beautiful Punta Cana. The goal is to take a break from the hustle and bustle of NYC and enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive beach vacay.

For this trip I have reserved rooms at the Sunscape Dominican Beach Punta Cana which is about 8 miles from Punta Cana airport. I will also schedule some optional activities to do while we’re there as well!

Here is a breakdown of the room cost based on occupancy and room type:

Single Person Room – Tropical View

Total: $550.00

Single Person Room – Pool View

Total: $580.00

Single Person Room – Ocean View

Total: $600.00

2 Person Room – Tropical View

Total: $400.00 per person ($800 total for 2 people)

2 Person Room – Pool View

Total: $450.00 per person ($900 total for 2 people)

2 Person Room – Ocean View

Total: $480.00 per person ($960 total for 2 people)

This price includes your ALL INCLUSIVE accommodations, which covers your meal and beverages at the resort for the entire stay.

Head to our trip website ( to check out the itinerary. To reserve your room you will need to sign in on the trip site which will give you the ability to see the itinerary and connect with other confirmed travelers! I can also send you a direct invite to the trip website if you give me your email address. Payments can be made through Paypal (sent to lq@thesingleoneinthegroup) OR you can pay through the “Cash App” on your phone where your payment can be tracked and kept for your records.

Room prices are based on single occupancy or double occupancy depending on your choice of room type (Tropical view/Pool view/Ocean view) and do not include airfare. I also do not set up roommate partners so it is preferred that you travel with a partner or connect with another meetup member here to coordinate your roommate choices. I will help as much as I can but it is important to note the risk of a roommate deciding to cancel: you will have to either find a substitute roommate or switch to a single room booking if available.

*I can also help locate flights if needed however, most people choose to find and book their own flights at their own convenience. Google Flights is extremely helpful with this and Southwest Airlines also flies to the Dominican Republic!

I hope to travel with you all and have a blast! Remember that resorts book up quickly around this time so don’t hesitate to sign up! All room fees must be paid for in full by Friday March 16, 2018. You may pay in any increments that you like up until that date as long as your balance is paid in full by the deadline. Payments can be made directly on our trip website, which you must sign up there to do so. Hope to see you in the DR!

Also don’t forget to check out the blog at!