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Listen. In dealing with scenarios relating to this topic, I’ve come to the realization that I am a bit more strict than most.

I’ll admit though, that even though I expect a high level of compliance with my friends when it comes to “The Girl Code” I submit myself to the exact same expectations.

Most people won’t agree with me, and that’s perfectly okay. I just hope that whatever girl code you ladies choose to follow is something that your friends and female family members understand and are in agreement with in your own circle.

When it comes to life’s “Homegirl Rules For Dating” we’ve probably all been there where we gave a friend the side eye based on something she did (or didn’t do) that involved a man. More specifically, a man in which we’ve been romantically interested in at one time or another.

Reactions vary based on the individual tolerance level AND what tends to offend each person.

For instance, if my friend has even casually dated a guy in the past, I personally feel that he’s off limits to me… especially if she really liked him. Many women feel like that is too extreme and that if they or their friend didn’t have sex with the guy he’s fair game. Then there are the friends females who don’t even care if you were intimate with the man. D*mn thots.

Some women base the green light on how serious they think you were with the guy. Him being in a 6 month relationship with you that involved sex doesn’t make him un-dateable in their eyes, yet a year would make them think twice. While another friend of yours wouldn’t want any romantic ties to a man you’ve been interested in enough to date in any capacity.

Personally, I don’t deal too well with a woman who considers herself my friend dating anyone I have legitimately been interested in. And definitely if I have dated the man. Chile please! lol

That’s probably extreme but I mean… who gon’ check me boo!? ?

No but seriously though, the “Girl Code”, it’s varying interpretations AND the fact that so many women are perfectly fine with ignoring it makes me limit the number of women I have truly transparent friendships with.

I just can’t understand how some women can end up with someone their friends have already been with when there are millions of other men on this earth whom neither one of you know already.

That’s suspect to me. And I don’t do suspect.

I think the Girl Code also applies to situations where you’re out with your girls and you peep some fine man across the room. If my friend sees him first and expresses interest then why in the absolute hell would I approach the man and try to get with him?!? That’s Shaaaaaaaade in any way you look at it.

And things get really challenging when you and your group of friends share the same taste in men. Currently, the ladies that I spend the most time with from a friendship perspective prefer men that I am physically opposed to. So no worries lol.

In addition, none of them give off the type of thirst that makes them find interest in a man that I’ve dated or have expressed my interest in. For that reason I’ve had a very drama free Girl Code experience lately.

It hasn’t always been that way though, and I’ve even lost a few friends because of technicalities such as this. None of which I regret. .. lol. ✌

I just feel like I should be able to introduce my man to my friends OR enlighten them on the new guy I’m feeling without having to worry about them doing something shady & trying to seduce the guy.

I guess it’s a different story if your guy approaches them, but even then the Girl Code still applies.

A true friend, in my opinion, will check his a** & let her friend know that she has a loser on her hands. But that’s a true friend. .. and we all know “These friends ain’t loyal!” #ChrisBrownVoice lol

All in all, get yo own d*mn man! lol That’s pretty much the gist of it.

Respect your friends. Respect yourself. And Respect the Girl Code.

Or get beat up. Pick one. ??

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5 thoughts on “Girl Code: The Dating Rules For Female Friends

  • syboogie25

    “Damn th*ts” << HAHAHA!! I totally agree with your ruling when it comes to The Girl Code. I can be kinda flexible with my friends especially the ones from Texas because I know the pool in dating for Houston is ridiculously small. HOWEVER, I'm not THAT flexible…if I have been on one date with them and it didnt work out, then I don't mind if my girl wants to holla. I mean, what am I gonna with him anyway? Lol.

    Me on the other hand, I won't even talk to the same man if yall exchanged phone numbers…I don't even care if he didn't call you or not – I just feel uncomfortable. LOL.

  • Niki Gatewood (@THE_NikiG)

    Hey babe,

    I don’t think you’re more strict. I believe that you’re a genuine home girl. “Currently, the ladies that I spend the most time with from a friendship perspective prefer men that I am physically opposed to. ” This made me spew laughter.

    Keep sharing your truth!