Guest Post: The Waiting Game. ..


I don’t understand why some females think waiting to have sex with a guy will make them like you more. In reality, a guy will do whatever and wait for however long you want him to.

Let’s be real… relationships are based off physical attraction. Most women know if they would sleep with a man as soon as he asks for her contact info. Why else would you give him your info?

The thought of making him wait to get it only delays the true outcome of the initial interaction.

I understand you don’t want him to view you as “easy” or a “hoe” but that’s not the case. Most men like when a woman knows what she wants. Especially if it’s him.

I’m not saying sleep with everybody on the first night. I’m saying that after the first and second date you know if the attraction is real and worthy or just nice to look at. A guy will say all the right things and make you think that’s not what he wants, but he does.

The trick is knowing what YOU want and not trying to create a false hope of romance. Most women will wait themselves right out of a potential relationship.

If you feel that my view is wrong you’re probably still making someone wait while he is with another woman getting fresh.

Now you lost that potential man to a woman that knew what she wanted and went after it.



Desmon. 29. Beaumont, Tx

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