Let’s Get Controversial: The “Sex On The 1st Date” Issue


Might as well go ahead and get this out of the way early right? lol

Practically every person I know has some experience in dealing with this dilemma. Whether you’re the type who’s for it or against it, we can all say that we’ve been met with the decision at some time or another.

Now this isn’t a shade post. (This is a NO HOLIER THAN THOU ZONE!) Nor is it a promotional “Oprah” post. (Ya know… You get the cookie! You get the cookie! You get the cookie! Everybody gets the cookie! lol)


Don’t have the driver roll up the partition just yet! lol I mean, a last name would be a good idea 1st right ladies AND gentlemen? Okay I quit!

But seriously… I find it interesting that MOST people go into this topic with MEN being the most important determining factor as to what happens in the morning. Why though? I’m sure it’s situations out there (few of course) where a woman was turned off by a man because they slept together on the 1st date.

I just hate that how a woman feels sexually is solely placed into the hands of someone else… giving them power over her sexual identity. But I digress…

Let’s go ahead & look at in from a traditional sense. “Does a man lose respect for a woman after sex on the 1st date? Does this ruin the chance of any real connection or relationship?”

Some yes, some no. It’s all circumstantial & relevant to several factors. .. if he’s traditional or free spirited. What he’s looking for… how he sees & values sex. Is he used to getting sex easily or used to having to work hard for it.

What is his initial impression of the woman? How does he feel about her outside of that sexual encounter & I can go on for days.

Ultimately tho,  I’ve always felt that a man will base his feelings toward a woman in this situation on how much he had to reveal about himself before she was willing to give herself to him sexually. 

But then again… I’m just a woman with mostly experiences from a female perspective. My thoughts only represent myself. BUT, I challenge women… but especially men to give their opinion on this topic.

What happens when you wake up & the person laying naked next to you was just a “stranger” the day before?

Did this post hit home? Let me know!