Our Meet & Greet Brunch Went Well!


Steak and Eggs. Unlimited Mimosas. Deep convos about DATING. Our 1st event was great & we had a fabulous time!

I would like to give a huge shoutout to the venue. We chose to have the Meet and Greet Brunch at The Sixth Ward. .. an Irish pub located on the Lower East Side.

I am so glad that I chose this venue to host the blog’s 1st event because it was aesthetically appealing, comfortable and inexpensive. We sat in the Beer Garden area and it was perfect for the type of environment I was going for.

The management and waitstaff were angels. Not only were they friendly and professional, but they were very accommodating as well.

A few of the attendees were running late due to weekend train construction issues (screw you MTA! lol) and the venue OFFERED to not only extend my reservation, but they allowed us to enjoy the unlimited drinks for much longer than the standard 2 hour time frame!

Let’s just say that I arrived there at 11:30am and we didn’t leave until after 4pm!


As the Mimosas kept coming we started talking about many things that many of us encounter in relationships and dating situations. Here are some of the things that we discussed. ..

1. How do you feel about being the single one in the group?

2. Do you think that someone can truly love you and still cheat on you?

3. What constitutes as cheating? Is it only sex or does any type of intimate interactions (talking sexy, disclosing deep, personal thoughts & feelings outside of the relationship ect.) fall under cheating?

4. How does the lightskin vs darkskin situation affect your dating experiences?

5. How do you feel about arguments within dating/relationships? Do you think that how you handle disputes determine the longevity of the relationship?

Aside from that, we just enjoyed each other’s company in a very cool atmosphere with Mimosas that never seemed to end. (I keep mentioning those right.. lol)

If you were unable to attend you should definitely be sure to join us next time!

Until the next event…

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