Would You Date Someone Who Didn’t Believe In God/Jesus? 7


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Or Allah? Or Buddah? Or Zues? Or whomever you personally serve as the higher power in your life?

I mean, does Religion really matter that much?

Interfaith unions happen globally every single day, and somehow thousands of people are making it work for them. But could you?

When I first moved to New York I met this incredibly handsome guy that was a true sweetheart. He was dope to be around & aside from being a slightly reserved version of a man whore (lol) he was a very cool person. He was a practicing Muslim and initially that didn’t really affect me.

I always knew in the back of my mind though that him and I could never truly evolve into any type of permanent presence in each others lives. He was Muslim and I am a Christian.

I was never going to convert and his mother just didn’t seem like the type to give her blessing to any woman he chose who didn’t convert to the Muslim faith.

So we probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. .. well in addition to the fact that he had multiple hoes in different boroughs. But I digress. lol

When I took Religion (and cheating) out of the equation, he was someone I could have seen myself with long term. So the question is… would you ignore a person’s choice of religion if everything else about them worked for you?

For me, I’m still the type to picture my name with your last name & all that jazz so I tend to think futuristically. (I know, I’m childish! lol) I would be at a fork in the road because I would be thinking. .. what church would we attend when we got married? What religion would we raise our kids under? Does his religion include some ceremony or style of dress that I’d probably hate & be d*mned if I complied to?

Ya know, futuristic stuff like that.

But that’s just me. If you’re a Christian could you honestly date an Atheist and truly give your relationship a fair shot at forever?

I want to see who’s actually willing to compromise in this area.

Because I could see me breaking up with someone if we had fundamental differences in the way we viewed God. . Religion and the After Life.

I pretty much want my man and I to be able to go to church and pray together. That might be problematic if he likes to pray to “the god of sunflowers” or sum’n.

Yeah see, that would never work.

I’m not praying to no sunflower god. I don’t care how fine you are. ?

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7 thoughts on “Would You Date Someone Who Didn’t Believe In God/Jesus?

  • laquinta

    I’m agnostic and its hard for my family to deal so I know it would be hard for a man who believes in anything to deal with it. Point and case my ex thought it was a phase and when he realized it wasn’t he started calling me the devil. Lol I mean come on man, and he was serious too. Im OK with what someone else chooses to believe the question is can they handle me.

    • TheSingleOneInTheGroup

      @laquinta lol! Not laughing at your situation but the way you wrote it tickled me. But that is a very interesting experience. .. as it seems that you were okay with his beliefs but he just couldn’t handle yours. I think that happens more than a lot of people tend to admit. Religion, or the lack thereof can truly make or break a relationship. I commend you to being open to dating someone whose religious views differ from yours.

      So as an agnostic woman, what are your beliefs?

  • syboogie25

    I think I have dated everything under the sun, including a Muslim man and a man who had no spiritual direction at all (ie: Damn near praying to the God of Sunflowers LOL). I didn’t want to miss out on a possible future with someone just because of our different beliefs but, I can say from experience that it’s not for me.

    After all is said and done, we have different paths that we follow and the way that I would want my child to be raised would conflict with this vision and that in turn would be a horrible way to lead a household. I’m sure it works for some people but as for me? Our love for the Higher Power has to be on the same wavelength otherwise its a no go!

    • TheSingleOneInTheGroup

      @syboogie25 I completely agree Sy! My future kids and married life are my biggest influences on this scenario. .. I just want peace and unity in my home. Also, my religion teaches us that the man is the spiritual head by which he should lead and we should follow. I can’t follow someone in a direction that I am fundamentally opposed to. . no matter how much I love them. It’s just a recipe for too much confusion that I’m not willing to tackle.

  • Rachel

    I Cant be with.a guy that is a different religion ,unless hes open minded. but down the road it would be an issue because of kids and how they would be raised.