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Honestly, it’s about time that we’ve done a “book club”  type of set up here at The Single One In The Group. And it makes perfect sense that I would choose such a striking title for our first book to discuss.

Of course this is mostly for the ladies out there, but as an equal opportunity “hash it out-er” I’d still love for a few fellas to come out and join us.

The book that we will be reading is by G. L. Lambert and is titled Men Don’t Love Women Like You:  The Brutal Truth About Dating, Relationships, and How To Go From Placeholder to Gamechanger.

Bold right?

And if this book is ANYTHING like the blog in which I found out about it from then ladies… brace yourselves to feel all kinds of ways about this sh*t. Every now and then I come across the blog blackgirlsareeasy.com and every single time after reading a post or two I click off the page either with tears in my eyes, needing a d*mn drink, or both.

The articles on that blog are raw, unaldulterated, “Bishhh are you stupid or what?” type of breakdowns of how and WHY are we still out here dating f*ckboys and voluntarily getting our hearts broken.

Soooooo, it was perfectly fitting for me to encourage ya’ll to get this book so that we could all read it and then sit down together and try to figure this sh*t out collectively.

Cuz honestly, the “tolerating f*ckboy sh*t” is played out like a d*mn 8 track and if ya’ll are anything on my mental wavelength right now you’re just not here for it anymore.

So go and buy the book and let’s meet up and break it down. (Buy it here). I am scheduling the 1st meeting a little over 2 weeks away to give you time to order it and read the 1st 7 chapters.

The book is broken into 3 main subcategories: Awaken the Spartan Within, Date Like a Spartan, and Risk the D*ck. So if you’re in NYC here is the scheduling for the 3 Book Club Meetups related to this book.

Meeting 1:

Wednesday May 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm

Tentative Location – Epistrophy 200 Mott St.

Discussing Chapters 1 – 7:

  • Ch. 1 – Typical B*tch, Typical Results
  • Ch. 2 – He Loves You But He’s Not In Love With You
  • Ch. 3 – D*ck Lies: Using A Man’s Mind Against Him
  • Ch. 4 – Awaken The Spartan Within
  • Ch. 5 – The Spartan Secret
  • Ch. 6 – How To Become A Game Changer
  • Ch. 7 – How To Attract Men Without Even Trying

Meeting 2:

Wednesday May 18, 2016 at 6:30 pm

Tentative Location: TBA

Discussing Chapters  8 – 21:

  • Ch. 8 – The 5 Reasons You Failed At Dating
  • Ch. 9 – Pre-Date Battle Plan
  • Ch. 10 – Date Night Domination
  • Ch. 11 – Mastering the First Date
  • Ch. 12 – How To Ask The Right Questions
  • Ch. 13 – Post Date Do’s
  • Ch. 14 – Post Date Don’ts
  • Ch. 15 – Is His D*ck Spartan Proof?
  • Ch. 16 – Slaying the Second Date
  • Ch. 17 – Second Date Checklist
  • Ch. 18 – Add Him To The Roster or Release Him
  • Ch. 19 – When To Have Sex
  • Ch. 20 – How To Transition From Dating To A Relationship
  • Ch. 21 – The Thing Every Woman Must Do Before Agreeing To A Relationship

Meeting 3:

Wednesday May 25, 2016 at 6:30 pm

Tentative Location: TBA

Discussing Chapters – 22 – 27:

  • Ch. 22 – Do You Know How To Be A Girlfriend?
  • Ch. 23 – First Cracks: Conquering Early Relationship Problems
  • Ch. 24 – Emotional Support: Helping A Man Without Emasculating Him
  • Ch. 25 – He’s Not A Victim: How To Stop Boyfriend Manipulation
  • Ch. 26 – Growing Apart: Threesomes, Breaks, & Other Mistakes
  • Ch. 27 – How To Stop A Breakup


For those of you who are not in NYC you can still join us in dissecting this book, as I will be creating a place for us to discuss it on our Facebook page. So head on over to Amazon and buy it as soon as possible… I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good read. Especially for those of us who have graduated from dating like weak women and want to date like what the author calls “A Spartan!”.

See you on May 11th!

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