An Update On Our Upcoming Travel and Event Plans…


As you guys can tell trips and events are a large part of the culture here at #TheSingleOneInTheGroup.

As you all know we’re taking our very first group trip in March to the fabulous Cancun, Mexico! Aside from that I have a few trips in the planning stage that I’m very excited to share with you guys. Tentatively we’re working on the following vacations:

1. A Paris and Rome tour in 2016
2. A “New York City Weekend”

The New York City Trip will be in August 2015. The idea is to give those who don’t live in the city the opportunity to experience some of our local Meetup events. My goal is to select the date that coincides with AfroPunk Fest so that you guys can take in that incredibly DOPE experience as well. Here is our post giving you a glimpse into the awesomeness that is #AfroPunkFest. The dates would be August 20th to August 24th, 2015. (Or any variation of those dates that best suits you.)

The itinerary would be as follows:

☆We’d probably all go sightseeing & shopping during the day on Friday. Hopefully we’ll get to take a motorcoach bus tour.
☆We will meet up for dinner that night and then head out as a group to a lounge or club.
☆On Saturday we would all meet up and go to AfroPunk Fest! (Which is a completely free event!) This is pretty much an all day experience. Depending on the choice of the group we could also go to a bar or lounge in Brooklyn.
☆On Sunday we will all meet up for church and then go enjoy a Group Brunch event afterwards

At that point people can choose to fly home that evening or even the next day.

Let me know if this is something that interests you by emailing me at I would love to get an idea of who would like to participate so that I can solidify the plans. I can help with group pricing on flights and hotels!

The details for the Paris/Rome Tour is still in the planning stage. I’m looking to secure a date around June or July of 2016. The trip would be 8-9 days and the entire package would include round trip flights to and from all locations on the tour. The best part is that booking the trip so far in advance gives everyone a flexible amount of time to pay for it and be able to relax during the entire payment/planning phase.

I’ll be in more contact with you all once I secure the dates and group plan with the travel agent. Until then feel free to let me know if you’re interested in joining us as we travel internationally. If you have any questions please ask away.

Until we meet again (lol)…

Ciao! ?

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